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Friday, August 6, 2010

A Library

Just so you know, I never wanted to be a Librarian. I love libraries and I have spent many happy hours in libraries, I have great respect for libraries and I want one in my home... I just don't want to be a librarian.
Now that we have that straight.. let's talk about Libraries. . and why shouldn't I have one.

I could take the second bedroom, this one, and put in lots of shelves but I like it as a bedroom with my little desk here in the corner. I have French doors behind me, I have lots of light and the bed is here so the dog can be comfortable while I am on the computer.
But I have a wall in my dining room that is calling out for shelves. I love the style of having book cases in a dining room, or a dining table in a room full of books.. whichever way you want to look at it.  
 I have been looking for inspiration. I know I want the shelves to be white, I don't want just plain wooden shelves, I want the molding to be a touch ornate. 
I have 15' high ceilings so I will have plenty of room for books on one wall. 
This isn't formal enough for what I want.
If this is good enough for Marc Chagall, it should be fine for me. But then, I want molding, lots of molding. But he has the right idea with all the white. Let the colors on the shelves be enough.
I like the light over the shelves on the right. 
Now this is the idea, but no space in the middle. Well, actually there will be a smaller space, for the painting of the pig with the glass of wine. What ? you don't know about our pig painting? 
A story for another day. 
Well, that's it for today. I am fresh out of ideas. I need rest. Monday we will be full of ideas and perhaps a few new items in the house. Tomorrow I am dragging The Husband to the Flea Market.

images via House Beautiful