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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Lon NY Magazine

I have never heard of this magazine before, but after browsing through my favorite blogs and seeing on The New Victorian Realist, a photo and mention of the magazine opening.. I had to take a look.
Then of course, I went straight to the Bathroom pages,  where I  will get even more confused over what I   want to do to change my   bathroom .. which is waiting now for the painter to arrive.
I soon discovered that I need to take my time, this "Magazine" is good,  jam-packed with ideas and fabulous photos ..
I subscribed, it is free and attainable for those of us living at the Bottom of the World.. and it is in English, for those of us living at the Bottom of the World who still need help with their Spanish.

Regarding the bathroom .. I have a strong urge to get a tiny chandelier .

I am going for black and white toile in a Roman shade.
My accent color is cobalt blue.
This will all change as soon as I take some time and delve deeply into Lon NY ..
But in the meantime, I will daydream ... a fireplace in the bathroom ..

images via country home. house beautiful.architectural digest