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Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm going all French ...

I love the look of this but not the overdone, slightly obsessive need to be sure everything has a double. The mirror and the table and colors are lovely though. 

This is the sort of thing I have to find in the Flea Market ( Mercado de las Pulgas)
And here I was all set to ask the painter to get some nice white semi-gloss paint for my kitchen and I saw this sunny yellow. But my kitchen is very dressed up, not country, what to do ? what to do ?
Beams and rip out the cupboards? I think it would be easier to just move to Paris.
I am really liking this grey with yellow. But my walls are a perfect yellow and I have a feeling The Husband would balk at grey walls.. so what if I do everything in the room grey instead? 
The sofa - grey velvet .. 
The mirror ! the mirror !!!!
(is that a hornet's nest ??)
I actually have something like this in our dressing room but I am seeing from this photo that I need more shoes.

images via Elle Decor, House Beautiful , Metropolitan Home, Country French , House & Garden