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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Have a question? Read a blog.

I need to think of something for dinner.. joy the baker  will help out .. so will Framed and then there are the photos to look at on Framed also.
But then there is 101 Cookbooks ! I need 101 ??
I have Tastespotting if I really want to go insane...which is how I found a few of these blogs to begin with.

I have to do something with the house.
Winter is winding down, I have to lighten things up, change the bed coverings, the pillows and such on the sofa, Spring is on the way and soon the long days of Summer .. where to get ideas ?
Well, I spend too much time ( just ask The Husband) looking at House Porn .. yes, you read right, I indulge in House porn..  Brabourne Farm  I can't stop going , checking to see if she has added something new..
I always like it and want it .. Cottage Charm and Inspiration  is always charming and definitely inspiring..
Have you seen Elle Oh ? why not ? Go ! Look !
 The New Victorian Realist ... sounds interesting, go look, be surprised.. Greige, watch out, this one is habit forming .. and A Beach Cottage... oh my.. Just when I start imagining living in a house in the woods, she makes me wish to be by the sea.

If I want to go far away, well, I am already far away, but if I want to go far away from here .. well, what about Belgian Pearls   .. a good way to start ...
My French Country Home   or I can visit Amy in Paris .. she seems to like it there, Or at least when she says God, I love Paris  I believe her ..
I would visit Kelly in Florida but she is starting to scare me, she is too good at Everything .. especially Tearing Up Houses although, there are days I would probably be good at that too .. for a little while.
Until I calm down.
Then there is Southern Exposure  , Paula Grace  and  Little Emma English Home ,which is so very charming and pretty .. and when I want to pretend I can browse the flea markets in Europe, there is La Brocanteuse

 .. So you see .. I think I have a problem.. I haven't even named everyone yet .. I will though .. another day. You can only take so much at a time or else you will be in the same condition as I ... confused but certain that you know the right color for that sofa and if it should have tufts or not ..