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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


If  we decided that we would like to move and live somewhere else,  where would we go?

If I could just pack up the dog and the husband and go, where would we go?
If I could just pick a country, which one would work for us ?

Of course, all of my daydreams are tinted with colors of Paris or at least France. 
 I look at real estate websites .
I usually end up finding decorating ideas for my own home .
Blogs are the best way to find ideas for new places to live. 
Reading about a persons life in a particular place can be the best way of being introduced to a possibly new life for you too.
We saw House Hunters International one night and the homes were in the wine region. My husband liked that idea ! 
I balked at the idea of a house out in the countryside rather than a flat in Paris.. but the idea is growing on me.
Then I found French Country Homes... now I am the one who is imagining living in a house in the countryside, driving an old Citroen to town where I will buy chevre and wine and bread. Pup in the backseat, head out the window, but of course !
                                                I can make this more charming, I know I can !
Maybe a kitchen  more like this ?
With a bedroom like this ?
But then I saw this .. is it the roof tiles ? or the color ? what makes it so so .. desirable ? 
The flowers definitely give this house appeal.
When I saw the view from the back ... sold !
But then I remember fondly the last time we were in Paris.
We rented an apartment from Paris Perfect
We had a view like this..
  I could walk here for an afternoon in the gardens and   look at the sculptures and marvel at the genius of Rodin.
I could meet the wonderful bloggers who live in Paris .. Amy Thomas of God I Love Paris ! or Celinne Chollet or French Essence .. 

It is something to consider .. meanwhile, I will wander through the pages of My French Country Home