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Friday, August 13, 2010

Looking for Signs of Spring

  I know, most of you are soaking in the last days of Summer warmth, beach time, fresh air and thinking about fall clothes and firewood being stored. But down here, it has been very cold and too wet and I am ready for warmth.. green things.. Spring.

A sure sign is the bird behavior going on around here. Parrots in trees outside the window, that sort of thing. But I want to see flowers and I want to sit outside without wearing 4 layers of clothes and boots and gloves. 
So I turn to the magazines where I can look at what I am missing. A bit of green, some branches getting ready to blossom ..
I am starting to imagine Country houses or cottages out in the woods somewhere.. bird song and the breeze being the only noise to wake up to...
Topiary and Potted Palms and flowers galore
         And maybe a fountain where we can hear the water even when inside
                  And a table large enough for all of our friends and family to be there with us
                                      Small is fine, no need for more
                                             Nothing fancy
But bright and cheerful.. Spring .. Where are you?
images via kmldesign Architectural Digest Country Home House Beautiful