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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Busy Day

 So the lights in the kitchen blew the other day. The porter who is also said to know his way around a light bulb, came to see what the problem was. According to him, we needed an electrician.
This was after blowing the fuses 3 times.
Our neighbor suggested Gabriel... down the street ... he was here a minute ago.
In a flash, Gabriel figured out that the wires are just fine. The switch box was bad.
So he  picked up a new one and   installed it.
This is one of the examples of why this place is so great ... the people. They are just Nice.. and mostly always there when we need them.

We had a very busy day so far.

At the risk of exhausting you with the details.... this is the day so far .. We slept late
 Then we had to find an electrician. Having found one, we did errands and sat in a cafe in the sunshine.
Then hurried back home slowly to our new electrician who fixed the light tout suite and now all is well.
Exhausting, just exhausting. We will have tea now and dinner later tonight when we have caught up on our rest.
This relaxing and enjoying life is tiring.