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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Change of Scenery ?

                                                                                  What about London ?  
I love South Kensington ! We rented an apartment there . It was lovely, on a cul de sac, no traffic, around the corner from the Victoria and Albert Museum, shopping, eating, buying flowers from the man on the street and having tea and sweets bought in Harrods Food Halls.  
                                                             Ever been to Barcelona ? Mmmmm ... Tapas...
The Spanish habits of cafe breaks every hour, 2-3 hour lunches, naps in the afternoon ,meet friends for dinner at 10 pm , listen to music or watch some dance .. just like here ! Nice apartments..
 Buenos Aires, a neighborhood of quiet streets, trees and a museum that used to be a home, with gardens and a cafe .. did I mention, quiet ? Good music, naps in the afternoon, dinner at 10 pm and Tapas...
It is nice to know that I don't have to go that far, no airplane ride required, to see a new neighborhood, to try a new restaurant, to explore new places. If they  can just manage to plug all those leaks upstairs.. 
                                                                       My little winter garden   ..

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