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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ideas... always looking for Ideas !

Bookcases ! For the dining room.
I love having a library / dining room. My husband says, "Dining Rooms are a waste," and I agree.
I have a dining room. It is beautiful. . with a nice black and gold Italian chandelier ( antique from San Telmo)

and a round table and chairs from Thonet. The legs remind me of spider legs. They look good but no one uses them. We eat in the kitchen. So there is a wall waiting to become a library wall in the dining room.
I keep trying to think of how to convince my husband that a Toile covered chair would be a Good Thing.
I don't know about you but having a map as wall paper would eventually make me go insane.
Why is it that other peoples water stained/damaged walls look good?
Just when I thought an all White bathroom would work ...
Does this wallpaper make you twitch or is it just me?
I would spend 50% of my day ... in the bathtub.

photos House Beautiful / mine