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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Saga of the Leaky Bathroom

A plumber is called to the house of a cute little old lady. He spies a doberman sitting in the kitchen drooling and growling under his breath, and a parrot whistling contentedly next to him on his perch.
Half-way through the job, the little old lady tells him she’s going to the grocery store. His back to the doberman, he begins to sweat. Then he asks the little old lady if he’ll be safe while she’s away.
The old lady smiles sweetly and says: “Oh yes! Poopsie is so sweet. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’s a good doggie.”
Then the old lady adds: “Oh. but whatever you do, don’t say anything to the parrot!”
Relieved, the plumber resumes his work. After the little old lady leaves, the parrot starts making a horrible racket. He makes insults, and calls the plumber names.
The plumber cannot even concentrate on his work. Losing his temper completely, the plumber glares at the bird and screams: “Shut up, you feathered fruitcake!”, and goes back to the sink. The bird is stunned silent.
A few seconds later, the parrot squawks: “Sick him, Poopsie!”

The plumbers came today.. They could not find the source of the water..they think it was a seal between the sink and wall. Everything is fixed, sealed, put back, floor and wall tiles replaced. I will do anything not to see another plumber again. Hopefully there is nothing left to fix, so we can call the painter now. I have no worries about his doing the job well, he has worked here before. 
I only have to choose a color. This has all the possibilities of being another traumatic event for me. 
I want cream white in the bathroom. Nothing grey or dreary, just a soft warm white. I am probably asking for the moon so will settle on just plain white.
I am also going to push my luck and ask for an estimate on the kitchen. The color I chose is not what I got. I lived with it but dislike it. I will also settle on white again. My standards for color  have lowered a lot .. 
I will continue to lose myself in the Design blogs and get ideas and white will work fine.. it always looks good in other homes, why not mine? 
So tonight I am going to loll around and relish the thought that there is no plumber coming tomorrow. 
I can also study the ideas that I have for the library wall I am planning for the dining room..
I also like the idea of making the kitchen a bit more rustic, I have a spot where an old beam would fit in nicely. 

So I have plenty to think about , now that the Saga of the Leaky Bathroom has come to an End.