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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mirror Mirror On the (Bathroom) Wall

Yes, that bathroom wall. I saw those dark spots on the glass and realized that was why old mirrors all have that color on them, that tarnish.. it is rust, they have been hanging on a wet wall. So my new mirror on the wall of my bathroom, is antiquing at an alarming rate. When the painter finishes, the room will look new again, but that mirror. My husband said, we should get a new one, I am horrified at the thought of the broken glass mess and having a new one put in for some reason. But then, when I gave it some thought, I started imagining, what if I framed the mirror with dark wood or an ornate gold frame that would give it some character to go with the mottled spots that are developing. Now that the wall is dry and repaired, will the spots continue? 
Now I am contemplating, what sort of mirror would I replace it with ? I like the entire wall being mirrored.. it is a small-ish bathroom. I like mirrors. Big mirrors are fine with me.
So these are some that I thought might be a style that would work in some way... what do you think?
Venetian glass would be nice.

I could just paint or change the color of wood that frames it now and make it dark to match the sink base.

Would that shape work when the sink is a rectangle?
What if I go with the antique building theme and use antique /beaten up wood for the frame?

This is so beautiful !
What if I did the entire wall, all the way up to the ceiling ?
This sort of mirror I would like in my bedroom .. why not the bathroom ?
bathroom photos/HouseBeautiful

So, tell me what you think ? Next will be the idea of what sort of  shades in the window ... yes, the fun just doesn't stop.