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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


OMIGOD the sun is out !!!
Bright, golden sunshine !!!
It is not freezing cold !!!

The plumber was supposed to be here 18 minutes ago.
I will not be out in the sunshine today, I think.

I will be
1- stuck in waiting
2- stuck in while he makes a big dirty noisy mess
3- stuck in cleaning

Why ? why ? why ? why ?????????

Post Script

3 hours after the plumber was supposed to arrive, his friend called to say he would be here tomorrow at 8 am. My answer was, he will be here tomorrow at 10 am or don't bother to come at all. . Ever... 
Then after taking a hot shower and throwing a huge hissy fit, we went for a long walk with the dog in the sunshine.
Lunch at a sidewalk cafe and more park walking and apartment looking and hot tea and a scone ... I am feeling fairly myself again.
But this is the End of El Plumber .. grrrrr.