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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quiet please

As if the noise of the traffic, the typical every day sounds of living smack in the middle of a huge city full of millions of people who all like to honk horns and drive loud cars and trucks and run their sirens regardless of emergency and work early until late with noisy machines and love their jackhammers and best of all, they love to take a big ole sledgehammer to the tile , which is often located in the apartment over us.

If I am not looking up for signs of water damage, I am looking up because there is such a noise coming from   above,   supposedly connected to the repair of the source of the water damage.

So here I sit, hammer slamming above my head.
It is going to rain .
I think I will go to  a movie.

When I get back, let's hope the hammer man is gone and the quiet pipe and paint man is there.

chau ...