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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hola ? hola ?

me:  Hola ! Carlos ? 

he:   (laughter) Yes .

me:  Carlos ! Como esta?? 

he:  (more laughter) Good.

me:  Bien ! 

he: Tomorrow, 10 o'clock

me: Mañana ? perfecto ! Muy bien ! Gracias !!

My plumber has been indisposed for months. 
No one quite knows what the real story is.. but our real story is the pipes that belong to the lady upstairs, they are leaking.. and my 3 year old perfect bathroom ceiling and walls are crumpling, stained and dripping. . for 3 years now. 
We have not been able to reach Carlos! 
So a last try this morning, with no hope of him answering this late... he answered the phone !!
Oh .. and I am the one who speaks English and he speaks Spanish .. 

Go figure ~