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Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Photos, Please !

We have a large dog that is not found here in this city. He looks good even if he were in a room full of dogs just like him. So since the day we arrived here, we have gotten quite a bit of attention .. well, the dog has.
We just speak for him. He just smiles and accepts all the attention as his due.
People always ask if they can take a photo .. he loves people and babies so it is not surprising that people will let this unknown large animal snuggle up to their babies and smile for the camera. Yes, he smiles.
The babies almost always smile, although there have been one or two who climbed their mama's like a little monkey, getting away as fast as possible from that grinning hairy monster.
But mostly, they smile , coo, put their hands out, in his mouth, fingers in his eyes, that sort of thing .. and how does he like it ?
When he sees a baby, his tail starts wagging, he will lie flat on the ground, so he won't knock them over and he will let them maul him, all because he is a large hairy bundle of love.. and spreading love wherever he goes.

Now when I walk out the door of my home, I expect people on the street to smile and sometimes pet him.
What I do not expect nor do I appreciate... people standing with cameras and photographing US as we walk.
I mean really, being a tourist is about taking photos of the monuments, the parks, a Tango dancer .. not some woman walking down the street with her dog.

You have now entered the Realm of Invasion of Privacy and Getting in my Face.
This will not earn you smiles or a sweet dog who will let you pet him... more like me letting the dog think you are going to try to hurt me... see if you can get a non-blurry shot of him with all those big white teeth showing, right before they sink into your leg.

So take this as a warning, any would be visitors to my town.. I will let you pet him and touch him and take his photo ... but you have to ask and no, you may not take a photo of me.