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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Now don't make me beg........

The plumber had some lady call and tell me he will be here today. 
I said no, Thursday. 
Do you think he will show up? 
Do you think he will fix anything and leave and not come back, ever ?

I have a painter waiting. 
Do you think he gave up and left for an Around the World Tour ?
My luck, he is sitting on deck with a Martini right now.

Immigrations has told us to call them in 2 weeks regarding our final stamp in our books.
We will have to ask a friend/neighbor to make the call. If we try , we will be lost in Limbo
forever, wondering what was that last thing she said before she hung up? 
Did she say , Yankee go home or was that something about Enjoy your new home?

I had a minor spree at the Pharmacy today.
I am suffering a shortage of things that make make your skin soft, without burning, itching or peeling.
Something that will smell good but won't leave a rash.

I have a collection of bottles and jars in the cupboard , waiting for someone whose skin likes some of the things I have gotten here in hopes of replacing all those goodies I used to buy in the US.
I will resort to telling family and friends who visit to make a stop at the pharmacy before getting on the plane, I need Stuff !
Today I found a face cream that might not do Things to my skin.
I found a moisturizer for my body, let's hope that works out  and thankfully, they sell Colgate tooth paste.. I don't want to start learning to like a new toothpaste.. that is just too much to expect. 
Or I will start begging the visitors to bring me lotions and potions and creams and a  stick of Roc lip balm. Yes, you heard it right, the smallest little thing that makes such a big difference. They sell Roc here, but so far, the lip balm is hiding.
My lips get dry in the winter... Roc fixes that.
At night I am using Roses lip balm .. but if I go out in public, my husband thinks my lips look a bit on the 'greasy ' side .. like maybe I just finished gnawing on a bone or something ? sigh ... things used to be so easy, without thought.. now I plan a trip to the pharmacy like an expedition to Mars.
I bet Mars has great lip balms.. it is hot there.. sunblock too
So now I will go look online and see what I can have sent to a friend who will visit and is willing to be my mule. I hope they offer to do it , if I drop enough hints.. I hope they don't make me beg.

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