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Friday, July 23, 2010

I have to quit eating

It is the same no matter where you go .. Winter = Eating.
Warm weather means staying busy and on the go and grabbing a bite and nothing hot and not much cooking and then the cold comes along and what do you have ? 
Night time arrives at around 4 pm and hot soup sounds good and salad doesn't really sound that comforting on such a wet and cold night, how about pasta ? 

Want some croissants for breakfast ? Oh why not, it is cold out, I will have more coffee and a little breakfast and warm my tummy .. 

Walk the dog in the afternoon, Tea time ! stop and pick up some scones, or stop and pick up some chocolate brownies that make you think for just a minute of going on an all chocolate diet and then the little cheese tart changes your mind... then you have your gallon of tea and think , This is it, I can't eat anything else until tomorrow.

And about 2 hours later, everyone is in the kitchen, peering into the fridge, looking into the cupboards, What's for dinner?

The good part: We walk miles a day. Even though it seems we are eating every waking hour, our meals probably equal one large dinner for the average person ... 
The bad part : Eating is addictive. The more you do it, the more you want. This leads to needing a clothing size larger and I am not finished with my new wardrobe that is 3 sizes smaller.
So as of tonight, I have decided... no more eating.
I will just look at it, take a taste and make my husband eat it.
No more cooking. 
No more breakfast.

And just so you know I mean business .... I will not finish this cookie.

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