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Friday, July 30, 2010

Shady lady

The bathroom window needs a shade. It is a French window and the glass is frosted but I want to "dress" it as well as covering the glass will make me feel like it is more private, even though only a pigeon stopping by once in a while would be able to try to look in. I am torn. I love Toile and have blue and white toile roman shades in my kitchen. And I think in the white bathroom, black and white would look great, especially with the dark wood vanity. But then I wonder, would the wood look good? or too masculine. I think Toile is better. Good... glad we got that settled.

Blue and White Toile in Kitchen

We have probably, as of today, decided that we will have a larger more  ornate frame made for the mirror and while the wider/larger frame will cover some of the water marks.. it will also make it look like a great huge old mirror just hanging on the wall. We will pick out molding and have it painted white, I am playing with the idea of antiquing it .. distressing it maybe .. 

It has been a dreadful rainy day, this is all I have to do is plan renovations and dry off the dog when The Husband comes in from walking him. 
I did make a nice Pasta with Creamy Tomato , Smoked Salmon Sauce.