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We will also share stories and chocolate if you have any.
Naps are also encouraged, if shopping is out of the question.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


 I am about  to start thinking of what to make for dinner.
We went to the market today. 
I have all this fresh Stuff for salads and wholesome goodness sorts of meals and ALL I am interested in is a bite of Chocolate.. well, more than a bite but you know what I mean.
We have a bag of M&Ms in the cupboard. 
I am hoarding them.
There will be a movie on later, I will wish I had an M&M or two .. 
I have Will Power... they are safe until later... then, no one had better stand in my way.

All day I have been good about controlling The Sweet Tooth.
I had my multiple cups of coffee with multiple spoons of sugar and one scone !
That's it ! 
I deserve chocolate !
Everyone deserves chocolate, but some of us deserve it more.
Fact of Life ... 
So .... someone like myself ... would have a friend who feels similarly inclined, no?
And what would that friend send to me in an email, but a Thought or Two about ... what was that?
Chocolate !!

So here you have it ..

Did you know? 

Chocolate is a vegetable. 
It comes from the Cacao tree found in rainforests.

May we offer these suggestions for your menu today.......

Your favorite chocolate cereal along with two or three chocolate cream-filled donuts. Wash it down with a little hot chocolate.

Mid-morning snack: 
A chocolate candy bar(with or without nuts) to hold you over and give you a boost until lunch.

A big tall glass of chocolate milk is a must along with your meal. Try a piece of chocolate pie or pudding for dessert.

Eat healthy(???) with some chocolate covered raisins. This contains both vegetable and fruit.

 If you are an adult, sip a chocolate liqueur before dinner. Chocolate flavored coffee is a must with dinner. 

Dessert is none other than chocolate cake.

Nighttime snack: 
Chocolate ice cream, of course!