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How to Cope .. When there is no Chocolate

Thursday, July 8, 2010


This is what happens when one has too much on the mind before bed, not enough sleep, then a sudden crash into sleep for an hour. That hour will be jam-packed with all sorts of things, hopefully good, most you won't remember, but I did remember this part... the song... 
I said to my husband later, what is that song, I cannot remember but the beginning.
And since he is a Perfect Husband .. this is what he gave me this evening... my dream .. on YouTube..

Enjoy .. and don't blame me if you are humming this tune all day and night ~


Kathleen said...

I love Groucho! But I do know how sometimes you get a song (or a bit of a song) in your brain with no point of reference. So kudos to your DH. And to share fairly, this clip is one of my own fave raves in addition to the one you listed.

Anonymous said...

So funny. I miss Groucho.

Desde my ventana said...

Gracias!!! estamos muy contentos,