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Monday, July 12, 2010


It is Monday.
It is remarkably cold and that is made even worse with a wind off the river .
Living in rooms with super high ceilings, every door being a French door or window with glass panes and thick walls made of stone or cement, does not lend itself to warm and cozy ... at least not on cold winter days like this.
                                                  this is not my home but this is what it feels like. 
                                                     ( thank you guy for your photo)
The dog has found that the guest bedroom/my office, has a bed that is to his liking, especially the part where I put the blanket over him and he sleeps with one eye on me and the other rolled back in his head.
A little drool would complete that lovely picture of a sleeping dog .. no no, not really, even in sleep he is a noble beast, it is just at this time, he needs grooming so we have a bit of a hairy monster walking around.
But he still smells like a flower...a warm doggy flower.
I must get dressed and find somewhere to go. 
I cannot sit here all day and type and read.
I have to find a life outside of the computer.... where it is warm and comfortable, where the chair is cozy and there is coffee right here and my feet are warm.
I have to go out into the world and find something interesting to do and see ... where it is freezing cold, arctic air-fronts etc and my feet will freeze no matter how many pairs of socks I get inside those boots and my neck will itch because the warmest scarf is wool and I can't find my gloves !!!
                                                                             getty images
Maybe there is something going on at the Mall.
Where it is warm and pretty and warm ...
                                                                       argentinatravels photo
Or maybe I will start cooking and do a watercolor painting and I will feel like I was productive today. Or even better, maybe I will attempt to bake. Yeah, that's the ticket, I will bake cookies.