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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Everything you ever wanted to know

 About the Poodle .. better known as Pup's relatives...

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Don't you love the way Fashion has used Standard Poodles through the years ? 
The haircuts have changed, on the dogs as well as the models but the photographers choice of dog has remained.
They are very smart ( the most intelligent dog after the Border Collie and before the German Shepherd) , therefore easily trainable .. Being so smart, they get bored easily and they also learn easily. This is why you see poodles in animal acts, they are so easy to train. Or with fashion models, plus Poodles know they look good.

The Poodle is a retriever , or a "gun dog" and they are water dogs. 
The Standard is the oldest , original Poodle , the first poodles are from around the early 18th Century.

And some pretty famous people had Poodle companions...
Alice B Toklas and Gertrude Stein  .. John Steinbeck had a blue Poodle named Charlie, who was the subject of the book Travels with Charlie. Mary Tyler Moore, Patrick Swayze, Winston Churchill,  Jacqueline Suzanne, Andrew Wyeth, Picasso, Billy Holiday, Frank Sinatra and Katherine Hepburn, and Princess Grace .
So if you have a poodle, of any size, you are in good company.