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Saturday, May 29, 2010

We were rained in today. 
All day. 
I woke to darkness and the sound of rain coming down hard. 
Then realized my husband was up. It was 9 am ... 
I still rolled over and went back to sleep .. well, for half an hour . 
It felt so good to lie there all cozy in the bed with the Pup snoring away  under the bed .. don't ask ..
We had all the lights on at 10 am ! 
The street was a tiny bit flooded  ... I didn't care, I wasn't going anywhere !
The poor husband, he walked the dog every time today. I stayed home with the towels.
The dog went from fluffy and well-groomed to sort of curly , droopy and sad looking.
If the rain is gone tomorrow, we will have a Day of Beauty and will brush the pup. 
I am sure he will be thrilled.

I had all sorts of plans to do Rainy Day things.
Read a book, polish my nails, do laundry , be productive. such a busy day ahead!

I read blogs.
I did read my book but my attention wasn't   on the story, I got more interested in blogs again.
I did a tiny bit of laundry then checked the blogs.
I made an excellent soup.
Recipe below...

Then Pup and I listened to music and I looked through the blogs and decor magazines and that is about it ... an exhausting day.

Tomorrow, we will see. 
I doubt that it will be quite as exhausting, I am sure Someone will want to get out into the Fresh air... regardless of how wet it is.
That's OK, I have just the right pair of boots to wear .. although I really really want a pair of Wellingtons.. these... ( yes, I am resisting growing up completely)

But then I have nothing against Pucci

                                  If those were poodles on those boots, they would be in my closet already

Rainy Day Soup

1 garlic clove - chopped
1 small onion - chopped
2-3 celery stalks-chopped
fresh grated ginger

2 liters broth ( I used a mix of chicken and vegetable)
angel hair spaghetti ... just a handful

In a little olive oil, saute the garlic til soft
Add the onion, and ginger.
Add celery.
Add broth

Bring to a boil
Add pasta
* at this time you can add cooked chicken or anything that appeals to you*

Let simmer a while then serve.

If you want it especially rich .. throw a bit of heavy cream in while it is simmering.

If you make it, let me know how you liked it  ..