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Monday, May 31, 2010

Because today was cold and we took the dog to the park and spent more time relaxing, I didn't get started on my clothing project < otherwise known as  Where Are My Winter Clothes ??? > until late.

Because of this ... we didn't buy a drill or do anything about hanging things unless you count the clothes I couldn't  find .. and now I can make more lists and do more research on what I am going to do with our apartment.

I think it is great that this has all come over me at the beginning of Winter .. by Spring/Summer, it should look very different here. That is if I get my way ... anyone married... you know what I mean.

I did some velvet pillow experimenting today and decided that I am just covering the sofa with a new fabric and will quit trying to figure out what goes well with the fabric on it now.
I hate that fabric. I hate that sofa. (stamping tiny foot)

I want my old sofa. Can you hear me whine?

So basically, what I am saying is ... I did nothing much today but change over the closet to winter clothes, which I need more of and add boots to that and a coat.
And I didn't get a drill which might be easier to find than the right boots and coat.

So that is all today ... god I am boring....

Oh and by the way, Thank you to Christina who has a blog called Griege... she has kept me busy .. she has been directly responsible for my not getting excited about  leaving the computer ,  because I was looking through her amazing blog .. Greige  

And thanks to my pal who sent me the Meg Ryan article in Elle Decor ... her beach house in Martha's Vineyard .. yes... I have already figured out that while I do not want a beach house in Argentina, I can duplicate this sort of rustic home... out in the countryside .. yeah .. the Pampas... how cool does that sound ??  

My poor husband .............