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How to Cope .. When there is no Chocolate

Friday, May 28, 2010

I am over Blogged..  you know, when you take too many, you start to feel woozy, time goes by,you thought you sat down for 15 minutes and your husband wanders in and says , I thought you fell asleep, you have been so quiet. 
I say, quiet for 15 minutes? and he says .... You have been in here for 2 hours.

I have fallen in love with a few decor Blogs and they all seem to be full of white  antiques and white things and mirrors and  did I say a lot of white things ?
I am eyeing my rooms and wondering, would white be better than this pale golden yellow ?
Husband says ... No.
I say I cannot live with painters again so soon so we will skip the total white-out and go for Things that are white .. slipcovers maybe or something .. maybe I will paint this desk white. 
It is  handmade, wood, stained a dark reddish color .. "country" , Argentine style. 
It is possible that  white would be perfect .. or cream .. so the husband doesn't start complaining about All this White !

The bathroom will be painted in 2 weeks.. it is pale yellow ( I didn't choose it, the painter made a mistake ... but his Big mistake was to try to convince me that it was white ... like I am color blind?) 
So the NEW painter understands me and I understand him and CREAM is the color .. 

But then I look at the bedrooms ... the pillows and chairs and I think I need more Stuff.
But I  just made this very strong decision ( they only last a short time) to Not add to the Stuff I already have and to   maybe even  get rid of some Stuff... but the Stuff I need now  is different .. you know ?

And I have decided to get some canvas and start painting again.
If someone has to be putting color back on my walls, I might as well enjoy putting some color on a canvas.
I will do great large pieces and put them on the walls and throw old shawls and scarves over the lamps and pretend I am an eccentric artist from somewhere up North.. 

So back to Blogs... are you aware of how many blogs there on in the web world ? in English ? just English.. god knows how many there are all told!
I cannot seem to stop looking at new ones.

Is there a place I can go for help? 
Blog Therapy? Blog Management ?  A 3- Step program for Bloggers? and Bloggees?

If you have any names, numbers or directions, let me know.
I need help.

I will have a drink while I wait ..
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Anonymous said...

Blogged out in a good way! This is such a fun read.

Kathleen said...

Yes, when you are over-blogged, have a drink. Something to refresh and relax. That's the ticket.

I personally do love "lighter". I had my kitchen cabinets, which were dark wood, re-painted in a high gloss antique white. The kitchen itself was white after a fashion, but the walls were dirty. I had the handyman paint them yellow. I had the ghastly family room painted in a very pale shade somewhere between the palest beige and pink you can imagine. The living room is now peach, but with a pink undertone. The bathroom is called "modest white". The only problem? I am now aware of the fact I need new flooring in all but the bathroom. Waaaaa!