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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today we saw a film. .."The Ghost Writer"
In the film, people with great amounts of money lived in a house on a beach .. it was supposed to be in the US but in reality, the house was in Denmark. 

I gave a little thought to the idea of living in Denmark if I could have a house like that !
Modern, but spectacular with the sand, sea grass then the ocean right outside the windows.
Very dramatic .. very cold. 
Which ended that idea but did make us think about where we would like to live , Sweden ( my husband just finished the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) , I said Holland / Amsterdam sounded fine .. then it gradually wandered south to London or France .. Paris winning again, when we have these conversations.
A little French country works, don't you think?

So if I am staying here for the time being, I can continue my decorating in a French theme ..

although I do like the idea of these Swedish rooms washed in light with not a lot of dark colors..

But for now, winter is coming here, warm and cozy will be the Theme...

I have this book. If you can find it where you live ... and you like French Interiors, get it, it is a pleasure to look through and inspiring ..