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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The husband is feeling better but his Nurse Ratchett thinks he should stay in and stay warm and let her take care of him. Which really only involves asking him if he wants more coffee, tea, soup etc. He is the Best of Patients ! Just leave him alone to suffer .. he will quietly read and get well with a minimum of fuss.
Not like some other people I know... the one who wants to lie in bed, moaning and coughing and making pitiful noises ...  

Pup needs a bath in a bad way. He smells like a dog .. quelle horreur ! So he is lying here keeping an eye on me and making sure that I go nowhere without him .. little does he know that we are now leaving the house to take him for a few hours of torture, so that he can look and smell like a flower... or at least like a clean doggie again.

I will make it up to him .. treats and allowing him on the bed and all sorts of loving and sweet talking. He always seems to forgive me ... I secretly think that dogs are really angels.. they only love you and always forgive you .. and listen to you and never judge. An Angel.. yep. 

Photos will be posted later.. of the Purty Pup !!

too bad we don't have smell-o- vision !