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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shabby Chic

I keep thinking this is the way I want to change my rooms. I just saw on  her website , a brown velvet slip-covered chair. I have to do that .. I can do a printed fabric ( cotton) for summer and the velvet for winter.

Not sure of color but pale brown/cocoa sounds good to me right now. Or old gold .. I have a collection of Chinese blue and white porcelain, it looks good with yellow/gold .. maybe pale brown.

So while I did nothing of note today- unless you count eating scones, fighting off a huge male German Shepherd that was thankfully muzzled but still intent on having "relations" with my male dog .. walking in fresh air for hours , cooking a really tasty and easy meal of Sorrentinos with a creamy mushroom sauce with fresh tomatoes .. and topping it off with an Alfajore ..  
Is there any better invention than Chocolate? ... I did find time to fantasize over doing some changes in the decorating of our home. 

If only the pool and roses were possible too !