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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There is nothing like a nap.
Taking a nap.
Taking a nap and being left alone by dog or man and knowing that you can just lay there and relax or go into a deep sleep with dreams .
I don't get enough naps, do you?
One of the things about a good bedroom is that it invites you in and makes you want to curl up on the bed, loll around on that chaise or just enjoy bedtime. It should be soothing and quiet and have a lot of soft surfaces.
I have never been a fan of ultra modern anything but bedrooms? never.
Living with a husband, I have to control my urge to over-pillow. I like a bed piled high with pillows.. the ones for your head at night, the ones that make it look pretty and the ones that might be used for support if you were wanting to slip into the back of the house where it is quiet and read a good book or browse a good magazine without ( many) interruptions.

My bedroom is half-way there.
I have the bed.
I have the nice oriental rug and a big french window and a big octagonal mirror over a lovely Arts and Crafts dresser and lucky me, in the Dressing room, I have another dresser and all my closets etc.

So the Bedroom is really mostly just for the bed.

I want to make mine even more cushy and cozy. Winter is coming fast.. we will be turning on the heat soon. I want to warm it up in there. Right now there is the silk quilt from Pottery Barn and the pillow covers to match .. the pale green comforter cover  ... cool quiet colors.
But I want to add some more silk and more ultra comfy ... somethings.. that is where I need help.

I love all the decorating blogs. I find a new one each day that I love.
Today I saw  This .. from Southern Exposure.. a fabulous blog.
It made me want to take my arts and crafts style bed and put a padded headboard on it..
I am liking the color also .. I use pale greens, agua will do too .. pale ..

Then I saw this .. Fresh Home ..

But is anything more appealing than a really nice hotel room ?

My apartment is French style, the bedroom has a chandelier .. so I am going to have to work with the French luxury look ..

I will be hard at work, studying all my design magazines.. while I lie on my bed ..with Pup nearby, there is no getting away from that fact ... my bed is his bed.