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Monday, May 24, 2010

My list of Decorating Blogs has outgrown my list of Fashion Blogs.. this is not a good sign.
Even worse if I were to tell The Husband .
He is sort of relieved that I am not chattering away about clothes and shoes and bags and scarves and the myriad other clothing thoughts I have at any given moment ... poor man... this is what happens when you leave your home country and go live in a place where they speak another language and you don't get that close to them right away ... the Wife starts treating the Husband like her girlfriend.
And he deals with it like a Champ!
He makes an Excellent girlfriend. But I won't tell him .. let it be our secret.

I found  Southern Exposure .. Thanks to the lovely blog Little Green Notebook ..
I have already tried to find a basket in the house that would hold toilet paper, I have tried to figure out how to get a bathtub that size into my bath .. Where I live , that bath would have to come up the outside by ropes and be brought in through the bedroom French doors but then might not get through the doorways to the bath .. so I think I am outta luck there in all directions. 

This is most likely all a direct result from being deprived of my (at least once a week) visits to Restoration Hardware, Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn  and all my Home Decorating magazines. 
Yes, I can get those online, but they aren't the same .. Back then.. my mail would come, I would take the newly arrived House & Garden ( now gone for good) and sit on the sofa, tea cup by my side, Pup close-by and slowly savor each page, each article and each recipe.

Leading to the end result of our selling 2 homes because of all the ideas I got and used and  decorated ( staged ) those homes so well, that they sold within weeks.

I have to see if that works here .. eventually .. I am too busy with it as a work in progress now. 
Here we have the Kitchen Before :

and Kitchen After:

The Second Bedroom Before:

And After :

So you can see, I might be deprived but thank goodness for the World Wide Web of Decorators !