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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Painter was here today. He is a sweetheart.

He hurt his leg playing futbol ( soccer) .. he will be here in 2 weeks, when he can climb a ladder again. ( does this describe life in Argentina to a T or what ?)

He told me that the bathroom wall and ceiling  - which are damaged from too many water leaks from the pipes belonging to the lady upstairs and   are now growing mold in corners .. my beautiful baño ...weeping... will only take 2 days to repair and paint  . Phew . that's a relief  !

He will also climb that ladder in my laundry room and paint  the ceiling where the lady upstairs had a leaky pipe also and the ceiling has a constellation of mold ... you know, like when you stare at something long enough  you start to see shapes and faces in it ? that is the laundry room ceiling .. right now it is a Rorschach test .. some days it is a Butterfly, some days it is , oh , I don't know ... Satan? 

Now don't think I am finally cracking under the strain .. more likely my brain cells are damaged from all the mold I am breathing and the stress of looking up all the time to see if yet another leak has sprung or another flower of black mold is appearing along the pretty white molding.

I am thinking of having the bathroom painted white .. cream actually. With white white tile and the "rustic " marble floor and the dark wood cabinet with the white sink, I think that will work best.

And then along the way, The Husband will barely notice the addition of a black and white Toile Roman Shade in the window. 

I am starting to notice that every photo I have , somewhere in that photo, is a part of a Pup .. head, foot , tail, he always manages to get into the picture !