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Friday, May 21, 2010

It is raining.
The only thing to do is go to the huge mall and perhaps browse a shop or two .. one might contain handbags and the other might have bedding. I can never get enough pillow cases and throws and a new comforter cover sounds good.
Oh ... and make up .. I want some new lipstick .. and perhaps a sample of perfume I have my eye ( nose) on ..

And then there is that shop that sells things from India and Indonesia .. pillow cases covered with tiny mirrors and embroidery and totally useless but beautiful things to leave lying around on tables .. it might be a very nice rainy day ..

It stopped raining so we took Pup and went to a park, stopped at an outdoor cafe by the Decorative Artes Museum and had lunch .. then home. . 
Now it is raining again .. perfect timing.

Here are some shops you might like to browse in .. where I like to browse and pick up odds and ends..


The Buenos Aires Design Center