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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Monday Monday .... Shopping day ...

I am thinking ( while it is still Sunday) that Monday might be a good day to go shopping.

Winter is on it's way and I need clothes .. 
Don't we all need clothes each time the new season rolls along ? 
Of course ... I have clothes ! 
But I need the newest fashion clothes. 

The girly tops and feminine fitted coats and maybe a new pair of boots and ... well, you see what I mean.

All the fashions from Europe have arrived ... they are there ! waiting for me.

I also need to buy groceries.
Even a fashion victim needs to eat.
The shops here are showing such nice stuff ... it is so easy to walk past the windows and just say, I want that ! 
I'll take that ! 
I need that ! 
I will look smashing in that color !!

There is Patio Bullrich 

There is Paseo Alcorta... 
I think this one is my favorite ... and there is a Carrefours, I can buy groceries too. 
There ... two birds with one fashionable stone.

And then there are just the shops all along the streets

Puro Diseno

 Mishka shoes

Maria Cher


Watch this, you can see what they do here in regards to Style and Fashion .. 
* we were at a flea market in Palermo and a girl came up to me and asked if she could take my photo, she liked the way I had "put myself together " ... we won't go into how long it took and how much thought went into it ... but I was gratified that one person noticed... who knew, she took my photo for a Street Fashion Blog ! *