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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Book Fair

There is a huge book fair in our city. 
The Husband wants to go.
Only problem is , they are all in another language. One we don't really read .
I am sure it is colorful and interesting ..... for about 15 minutes. 
I just think I am setting myself up for 
more boredom.
But we will go,  maybe I will be surprised... let you know later... 

We went to the Book Fair.
We decided to walk. This has to be a many miles long walk. But the day is so beautiful,
it seemed like a good idea ... at the beginning.
Stopping for coffee and croissants helped.. but that last couple of blocks were the killers.
Especially when we saw what looked like one million people lined up to get in.
Tour buses outside .. having emptied out their passengers and waiting for them to run
amok in the book fair.
We stood there , maybe 5 minutes, then I grabbed that taxi that was sitting right there, as
if there is a God and he saw me and said, This woman needs a Taxi.... Thank you, God!

My next book buying spree will be online in the comfort of my room, with no shoes on and 
maybe even in my pajamas ... how do you like that ? 

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