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Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29, 2010

Dear Diary , Today the Plumber came and we went to the Zoo.

The plumber came this morning. He was late as usual. 
He had his usual coffee, why do I know how many sugars and the right amount of milk ?
The man has been here almost as much as The Husband. 
And this one seems a little handier around the house. Or at least he knows the pipes and faucets.

It took him less time to find out the cause of the water spots on the laundry ceiling than it did for me to get out of bed time morning ... too early and too cranky.

Cranky comes from last nights "discussion" with The Husband about falling asleep in front of the television with Fox News on too loud.

We live outside of the US. 
There is no reason on this Earth why Fox News should be on in my house. Especially that late and that loud. 
Even the dog looked cranky... or was he just worried when he saw that vein in my forehead? 
Which caused him to rest his head on the side of the bed, where the newly washed and folded sheets and underwear were lying ... leaving a nice wet spot where his chin lay.

Does he do this on purpose?
Does he take a long drink , come dripping into the bedroom and see freshly folded laundry and decide this is   perfect for a napkin ? 
I let it dry and will be sure those pillowcases go on The Husbands pillows... serve him right ... mutter mutter..

I had all sorts of plans for the day.
It is beautiful outdoors. 
A sunny , crisp day in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Originally it was a day to go to a park and take photos.

Now I might make it a day to go to the Zoo.
They allow some animals to wander loose in the Zoo. 
I am hoping one is an Elephant and I will push some annoying man in front of it ... and Scream Fire!!
We will see what happens....My luck ....  the only loose animals will be Turtles...

Of course, by the end of the day, The Husband was sweet and loving and I am having trouble hanging on to why I was so angry this am. 
But I am sure it will come back to me later... or most likely .. he will do Something Else.