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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kitten Games

Yes, I am snowbound.
I might turn into one of those crazy people who stops taking baths, grows a beard and won't answer the door.

Well, I probably won't grow a beard.
But I won't answer the door.

I remember growing up in North Carolina .. I never saw snow .. only in the movies.
Then I moved to California, no snow there .. Los Angeles or San Francisco ..
Of course I went with friends to Lake Tahoe and of course it started snowing and we had to leave and I was mainly just freaked out because if felt like we were evacuating before something really bad happened.
In the dark, in the snow , in a line of cars getting the helloutta there.

So every time it ever snowed , in my life here in the NY region, I would get excited right along with the children. No school !! yay !!
I didn't have to shovel, I didn't have to try to get to work , what did I care .. let it snow.

My husband and I talked about What If ... there is a blizzard ? we are snowed in for a long time ?
He would make me fall over laughing talking about what we would eat .. how we would stay warm .. yeah, guys, they are all the same in some ways.
There was so much to look forward to with him.

Now here I am.
Alone with a kitten.
She doesn't care about snow.
As long as she gets to sleep on My bed at night, she is cool about everything.
Well, I have to allow her to wash my eyebrows in the morning ... I don't know.. they never seemed to be that dirty before .. but now, thanks to Minette, I have the cleanest eyebrows in the land.

I bundled up and trudged through deep snow to the mailbox, she sat in the window and watched.
When I came in, she ran to me as if I had been gone for days ... making her little kitten muttering noises.
I think what it was all about was the Mysterious White Stuff.
She doesn't understand it .. she doesn't like it and stop bringing it in the house !!

So after a prolonged petting and snuggling session apres walking in that white stuff to the mailbox, I am thinking of baking something.
Perhaps I should make something I don't like.
I do want to wear my new clothes if I ever get out of this house again.

Minette is all for games.
I need new Kitten Games .. I don't know about her but find the ball , find the sock and climb the back of the sofa before Mama catches you are getting old.