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Friday, December 19, 2014

Tips for Avoiding Conflict During the Holidays

I am sharing these because :
I laughed hard, really hard at most of them.
If any of these are familiar to you, you will laugh too, I hope.
Even if they aren't familiar ... you will laugh .. 
Laugh! dammit !

Here are some tips for avoiding conflicts and keeping the holidays stress-free for the whole family:
  • Try to end thousands of years of entrenched prejudices before flying home and talking about current events.
  • Encourage family members to seek personal space when they need it by telling them the front door’s right fucking there anytime they want to use it.
  • Avoid anything that could trigger fights, like a history of family depression.
  • Make yourself appear larger than you are around your father-in-law by standing up on your hind legs and puffing out your chest.
  • If you become frustrated during the festivities, consider going for a walk to the end of the driveway, continuing on for half an hour, reaching the town limits, entering a train station, buying the first available ticket, arriving in a town called Rockport, heading to the edge of the ocean, and just screaming.
  • Ensure each family member has their own table at which to eat dinner.
  • Split potentially huge family blowouts into smaller, more manageable bickering matches over the course of the holiday season.
  • Take the time to consider things from your brother-in-law’s point of view so you can fully appreciate how fucking stupid his perspective is.
  • Change name. Start new life.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

When I die, bury him with me ... but but .. wait a minute !!

A woman dies, she asks that her pet be buried with her ... but ... wait a minute !!

So she loved this gorgeous dog and wanted him to be buried with her when she died .. but wouldn't a sane person want the dog to live a happy life and when it dies THEN it can be buried with you ?
She loved the dog so much she wants it killed so it can be buried with her ?

OK .. she was a nutter. But who are the **** for brains people who are going along with this idea to the extent that they are ready to put this gorgeous healthy dog to sleep so it can be buried with the dead woman ?

I am very close to giving up on Humans.

I will go be a hermit with the kitten. I will get a dog one day.
You have it here ... I only want them buried with me when they die.
I am not even sure I want them buried with me .. even then ... we will talk about that later.

                                          Bella, she is a Good girl.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Dog that walked 30 miles to find a home

The Dog that walked 30 miles to find a home

Read this .. you will like the ending. click on the title over the photo.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Go Find Another Mother

I read an article recently, in a magazine while waiting for my car  tires to be checked.
It has snowed here, a lot of snow already, I was hoping to be one of those people who knew what to do to be prepared for winter up here in the Frozen North. . aka .. New York State.

The article was written by a woman who had a grown "child", who was for the most part, loving and a good kid . But then, for whatever reason, the kid would erupt into insults or hateful speech to the mother, making her very sad and   wondering  ... Why ?

Talking to therapists and to "experts" ... the same old reasons and answers were trotted out ..
"Acting out  , Childhood resentments , Frustration, etc " ...
If you ask me, I think it was just Spoiled Rotten Bad Behavior and that "child" was just a grown version of the spoiled brat that grew up.

Children trust that the love from a parent is boundless and that no matter what they say or do, they will be forgiven and still loved .

But in my opinion, there comes a time when the "child" is no longer a child, when the verbal abuse or insults become ugly and uncalled for and when the Parent should say , So long, Goodbye, See you when you become nice or not at all... 

Go find  Another Mother .. one who will put up with verbal abuse, one who might actually deserve to be spoken to that way .. or just go live your life without a mother and see how that feels.
You can visit with plenty of children who can tell you what that is about .. children who have much less than you .

It made me think of how no matter what you do or did with your own children as they grew up, you really never know what odd remark or behavior could have made a huge impression on the child and the adult the child becomes, will carry it with them.

Hopefully, we all made more huge Good Impressions on our children and never have to worry about them turning on us like mad dogs.

So in the case of the woman whose child just never could stop reverting back to the old abusive self, the woman finally said one day, Go Find Another Mother.