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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

When I die, bury him with me ... but but .. wait a minute !!

A woman dies, she asks that her pet be buried with her ... but ... wait a minute !!

So she loved this gorgeous dog and wanted him to be buried with her when she died .. but wouldn't a sane person want the dog to live a happy life and when it dies THEN it can be buried with you ?
She loved the dog so much she wants it killed so it can be buried with her ?

OK .. she was a nutter. But who are the **** for brains people who are going along with this idea to the extent that they are ready to put this gorgeous healthy dog to sleep so it can be buried with the dead woman ?

I am very close to giving up on Humans.

I will go be a hermit with the kitten. I will get a dog one day.
You have it here ... I only want them buried with me when they die.
I am not even sure I want them buried with me .. even then ... we will talk about that later.

                                          Bella, she is a Good girl.
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