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How to Cope .. When there is no Chocolate

Monday, February 3, 2014


I started out my day with some tears.
I woke up feeling OK ..
It is still difficult to wake up to an empty house and I can't really lie there and Think.
But I hopped ... ok, I crept out of bed, wrapped myself in woolies and turned up the thermostat and went into the kitchen where the sight of snow , birds , and grey skies met me .. along with a coffee pot full of hot coffee ..
Dragging myself, along with the biggest coffee cup I could find, I came in here and turned on the computer and there was this commercial ..
You can watch television commercials on your Yahoo page and not feel that you are actually buried in snow in the middle of nowhere with no one and nothing but silence  !!!!

So I sat down with my huge cuppa and decided to look at the SuperBowl commercials.

It only took seconds ... I was weeping ... the puppy , the horse, love ... sob sob ~~~

 Super Bowl Puppy


Furtheron said...

Sending you good vibes - must be tough slowly coming to terms with it all.

Stay warm - if the UK doesn't completely disappear under the deluge of rain (it's getting too much now even for hardened welly boot wearing Englishman) or blown away in the next gale I'll pop by again soon...

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank you dearling .
I am staying warm but that will probably mean taking out a mortgage to pay for the heating bills lol
I look forward to hearing from Welly Booted Englishman at any time ... besitos..