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Friday, January 24, 2014

This has to stop

 Dear Darling PB ,

Please stop sending me emails. With photos.
You know I have asked you before, it isn't fair that you ignore what I say and just do what you want.
I know we had a long and fruitful relationship, but it had to end. really. had to.

My husband knew about us and he was mostly fine with everything. 
But then there came a day when he said ... "this has got to stop" .
And I loved him with all my heart and did whatever he wished ... so we said goodbye, you and I ..

But now, you keep sending me these emails and you know that my will power is not that strong and eventually you will wear me down.

So please ......  stop sending me emails..... With photos. 
Well... maybe you can send some now and then.... With photos.
Maybe I will see you .... soon.

Love always ..

I do like this photo ... 

Photo:Pottery Barn

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