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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Heart Sephora

Do you shop at Sephora ?
I used to shop in the Sephora in Florida, then when we went to Argentina, I used to order online then have the package shipped to a relative and when they came to visit, they brought me my goodies.
Now I am back in the US and Hey ! Sephora ! did you miss me ??

So far, I am waiting for my second order of make-up, mascara, perfume and all kinds of lotions and potions.
Shopping online has become normal for me. I no longer feel that I have to sniff it first or touch it.
Of course, I do like to shop in person and I still enjoy touching everything ... even if my husband still tells me to stop touching everything.. but I love having the delivery man come to the door , 3 days after I called or went online and there is my Sephora !

No, this sounds like someone asked me to say this but nope .. this is me being happy.

So if you shop there or get it online, what are the products you like best ?
Do you ever buy the perfume that they send samples of ?
What did you order and regret ?

So far, the biggest regrets are the things I continue to do anyway, I order lipsticks that I know will be wrong but want them anyway .. they all live in the bottom drawer in the bathroom where unwanted strange colored lipsticks go to stay until they can be adopted.

I am hesitant to try perfumes online, but I usually wear the same thing for years now so my scent shopping is mostly in bath products.
I am a sucker for a good bubble bath, bath melts , after bath lotions etc.

So ... do you shop at Sephora ? if not , where do you get your lotions and potions ?
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