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Thursday, August 22, 2013


I am such a Loser. 

I get all these magazines in the mail now, half of them with recipes in them that look so good !
I have this bookcase in my kitchen just for cookbooks !
I have so many cookbooks. .. I might need a cookbook library.
I have file folders in drawers full of recipes that I have cut out of magazines ... for years !

I never use recipes when I cook.

Oh yes, someone will say I made this or that and I say "Ooooh, how did you make it ?"
They say I will send you the recipe or I even write it down right there ... take it home, stick it in a drawer and it lies forgotten until someone throws it away .. or I find it lying in the bottom of my purse a year later .. and cannot make out the handwriting.
Why do I always scribble when writing down recipes??

I have aprons.
Yes, aprons.

One has stains on it. 
I think my husband wore it as a joke.
I never wear an apron, do you?
But ... I have aprons.

I have all these beautiful pots and pans. 
Some enamel and colorful and heavy and expensive and some Farberware from ancient times.
I have huge fry pans and all other sizes too. 
I have one that fits .... oh, maybe 2 eggs.

I use the same pot to cook and boil water in that I acquired when I married my husband.
I use the smallest non-stick fry pan for just about everything.
I use the same pot for pasta, sauce, soups and whatever it is that is cooked on the stove.

So basically I use 3 old pots.

I have this amazing kitchen. 
It was very well planned.
It has bay windows at the counter which is shaped in a horseshoe shape.
So I have a complete view of the back garden... pool, trees, skies, deer and chipmunks and all.
The stove is glass on top of the counter, easy peasy to use and clean. 
It is radiant... hot instantly.
I have used it a few times. 
I boiled water.

The double sinks with garbage disposal are stainless steel and very nice. 
I hate using them because they are shiny and look better empty and dry.

I am getting a new dishwasher because we got hoodwinked ( as usual) by a crafty seller and a clueless home inspector ... The dishwasher did not work. 
It made noises and pretended to work by splashing a little water around and humming loudly. 
But it is dead. 
My new dishwasher is arriving this week.

I like using paper plates.

But I love to stand at that window in the mornings and watch the birds squabble over the feeders and the cute little chipmunks scavenging at the bottom and waiting for that deer to come back and take a nap in the corner of the garden in the shade of that big old tree.

Who needs to cook with all that going on ??

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