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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Neighbors Might Wonder

The Fun part of moving into a new home is the furniture.
You can find new places for your old pieces of furniture and everything looks good again .. even better!
Then there are the few times when there is not quite enough room .. Or  the good part is when there is too much room and you need to buy more furniture.

I enjoy a good furniture shopping spree.

Todays online shopping brought me to this :
My dining room has one wall of glass and is a walk through room.
My furniture should be sufficient .. 
If not, I will shop for new dining room furniture .. like this 

Today the birds got new feeders, bees came after me, something bit me and I lived to tell the tale.
Tomorrow, I will wear a Hazmat suit and go out into the garden again.
The neighbors might wonder.

I am on the lookout for a small sofa , a sofa bed would be even better.
I don't know the stores up here, I don't know where to look first.
Thank goodness for the internet .. blogs etc.

Now .. back to online shopping ... there is this mirror I have my eye on ...

Thanks to  Georgiana Design for the photos