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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Mad Housewife

Here I am, sounding just like a Housewife today.

Oh yes, housewives can sound like Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives and Girlfriends, but today I am the Housewife who used Cascade Dishwasher Detergent in my dishwasher in my new home .

The Housewife who could not figure out why the silverware was covered in a chlorine scented powdery residue that resulted in too much scrubbing and ruining of soft skin on someones hands !

The Housewife who says Thank You !! to Google for allowing me to find out that not only did I have a 3 day problem with badly washed dishes ... but helped me find the reason why.

Cascade Dishwasher Detergent is Bad.
Bad, I tell you, Bad !

It can ruin china, crystal and silverware.

It stinks, it is probably similar to poison if you were to eat food off of a dish with that residue on it.

It stinks as in smells terrible... really.

So I am going over to Meyers.
I love the scented products.
I love the fact that nothing I have ever used has made me think I might grow 2 heads if I keep using it. Yes, it is Meyers for me.
I think we will start with Geranium scent.

This is a public service announcement from The Mad Housewife .. have a good day .. cleaning house and doing dishes and making beds and not going mad .


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip from a Cascade user. MtV

Sabrina said...

I love Geranium Mrs Meyers... To keep from having spots and marks, when using Cascade Complete, I fill up the reservoir with Jet Dry.... then everything sparkles just like in the commercials! BUT, nothing smells as good as Geranium :) OH and try and find Caldrea All Purpose Cleaner in Herbs du Provence, you will LOVE it!!!! xx

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thanks Sabrina .. I do like Caldrea too. I used it in Florida way back when .. if it smells good, I like it lol
Having googled Cascade to see if anyone had a similar problem, I saw that many many people had the same problem, so I am sticking with my Meyers .. Geranium scented cleaners and dish washer soap. besos,

MtV ..kisses !

Mary said...

My dishwasher stores my cutting board, salad spinner, cake racks etc. I never use it for dishes - the belts have most likely disintegrated by now so it would flood if I tried! I love washing/drying dishes so always do them after every meal - while looking out the window and watching the joys of Nature, and thinking.

Hugs - Mary

NotesFromAbroad said...

Apparently my dishwasher is okay, the water and softener nonsense in this house are the culprits. Repair men are being called.