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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Well, well, Wellington !

With the times changing, locations being sought and dreams of new places, homes and lifestyles being the stuff of daydreams, I always tend to feel the need to Dress the Part.
If I were to live in an old house in the woods , I think a pair of Wellingtons would be necessary.
De rigueur !
Where I live now, they wear Wellies out in the Pampas, on a cattle ranch or some such.
Some girls wear them in the city, when we have serious rains and no one can cross the street for the rivers of rushing water in the gutters ... well, only those girls in Wellingtons. 
They stride across the flooded streets with nary a care.
I see myself more like Stella McCartney or Stella Tenant .. not that I have a fixation with the name Stella but they both wear a pair of Wellingtons well.
Style and a pair of Wellies is my goal.
Just because I will be living out in the woods somewhere does not mean that I must be sloppy or un-stylish.
Heaven forbid !!

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