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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Touch of Red

Sometimes, just a touch is all that is needed.


Furtheron said...

Indeed - just a touch, do not overdo the red...
There is a Dulux advert in the UK at the moment. Beautiful young woman is painting wall of bedroom a deep romantic red colour. Husband arrives home from work "You've been busy" and takes her in his arms, kicking the bedroom door shut on the Dulux dog. Door reopens to husband and wife with two screaming kids and her pregnant and her painting over the red wall to make it white again! LOL!

I'm about to decorate our bedroom... it will be duck egg blue and dark brown... we are beyond that age for sure now

NotesFromAbroad said...

Haha ! I do not believe you are beyond the age of red bedrooms !
I personally like creamy warm yellows .. with a dash of red or blue or whatever.
And my birthday being in March, makes my favourite colour Red... hmmm...