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Friday, August 5, 2011

I Love New York

Where I live now, we are still in Winter but looking forward to Spring in a couple of months .. it has been a long and cold ( to me ) winter and while I love winter here, I am looking forward to wearing less coats and sweaters and I am sure my husband is looking forward to hearing less complaints about how cold I am..
Don't tell him but around December , January, he will be pretty sick of hearing how hot I am .. he can't win ~
But when the winter here draws to a close and Spring is on the way, I think of New York ... Autumn in New York and I get very homesick.

This is the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, New York.
Since my son and daughter were little kids, we would drive "Upstate" to pick apples, picnic on the grounds of the Mansion and later when the children were grown, we would go for weekends, just the two of us, staying in hotels in the area and in the winter, staying in an Inn where there was a huge fireplace in the lobby, the pub was from the 1700's part of the building and we slept like babies in a huge four poster bed.

So while my thoughts turn towards Spring and shopping for Summer clothes and maybe plans for summer trips or excursions, they still wander back to those times when we would wander around the grounds of a mansion, with views of the Hudson River and picnic on the ground, covered with Fall leaves.
I Love New York even while I am Loving Buenos Aires..

photo: NYT & ASF