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Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Kinda Town

With Thanks to the New York Times Travel section , I have some examples of why this is my or should I say, Our Kind of Town.
This is the Algodon Mansion ... Hotel.
We go to the bakery nearby, we go to the ice cream parlor around the corner, it is an amazing place , on an amazing street in an amazing city.
I think I might like to live there, up there, top floor, yeah, they left the light on for me !

This is an example of a shop in Palermo Soho.
Whatever you need, if it is Trendy and (probably expensive), great looking and not exactly like anything they have "back home", this is the place to shop.
This is an apartment building in my neighborhood.
I live in a building similar in age and style, they went all crazy for the French back at the turn of the century ... so there are many wonderful French style buildings all over town .. mine was built in 1924 .. mi gusta.
This will give you an idea of the size of the place and how nice some of the parks are.
This is Palermo .. good shopping, nice place to live , huge barrio.
Recoleta boasts a number of huge parks and gardens also .. you can't go wrong if you stay / or live in either neighborhood .

And if you feel like shopping, this will give you some ideas .. Rossi Caruso .. click on Products .. see if you can just pick one ! ( impossible) ...
So here you have a tiny idea of why I Heart Buenos Aires... it is my kind of town ~