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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Little Change Will Be Nice

This is sort of what my home looks like. Colors are the same, high ceilings, there is a dog on the floor . I need to go to the Flea Market and get some more French-ish pieces to put here and there. A little Change here and there will be nice.
I would love to change the kitchen light to a chandelier but we have this Art Deco light that is a piece of art and so it must remain where it is .. I think maybe I will put a chandelier in the bathroom, it is the only room without one. I do like this kitchen. I should move , I have so many decorating ideas to try out..the change will be nice!
Now this is possible ! and my floors look much better than these!
I have been shopping a lot lately.
I love this look.
I am quite happy with a 99% black wardrobe.. it saves me from all those pesky decisions, you know, what should I wear this color with ?