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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Parks, Pups, Plans

After a long lazy morning, we went to the park with the pup. We decided not to do anything but sit on a park bench and relax. The weather has cooled off some and it feels like there might be a hint of fall in the air. The trees drop flowers like most trees drop leaves in Autumn.
The coming week should be busy as I have decided to change my Vestidor ( dressing room) to make more room and make things more accessible. I am not sure how much it will help but I need to make room for the upcoming goods that will be the result of future shopping sprees.
Therefore there needs to be more room for shoes and handbags and probably a lot of clothing.

Then there is the need for somewhere to put my books and in the kitchen there is the issue of no room for spices and cookbooks so perhaps I will move things around ... maybe I will just buy Things that other Things will fit into.
Plans and lists are in the making. Wishing my readers a lovely week ahead ..

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